Mankind hasn't lived a nomadic existence for a very long time, and since then, life between walls has prospered. Most people live their lives travelling from 'inside' to 'inside', while the 'outside' is of lesser significance.
People, in the west especially, live alone more often than they used to, which adds to the cocoon-experience the home naturally already inspires.

In Peuteman's work the interior and its cronies (objects, furniture, decoration) act as both the decor and the protagonist. It can be seen as an homage to the things in life that bring comfort and consolation. An escape from the undefinable, the incontrollable; a solace for the suffering from weltschmerz.
The works summon an atmosphere that is comparable to what the Danish call 'hygge'; the creation of comfort and protection within the home to get through the long and dark winter.

The artist's love for design, simplicity and beauty are translated to strange yet recognisable images. An abundance of colour and clear shapes show how tenderly the life at home is thought of.